Think about some of your favorite TV shows. What makes them hits? Is it great writing? Great acting? Great storytelling?

Probably some combination of all of the above, but one big thing that helps make TV shows into hits is marketing.

Most people don’t think much about a show’s marketing, but because you are part of Promax’s global community, you probably do. And what you know is that the marketing doesn’t stop just because a show is not on the air, and it doesn’t stop just because a show has established itself. In today’s TV world, marketing is an ongoing, multiplatform process.

In this episode, taken from Promax’s 2019 June Conference in Los Angeles, top TV marketers talk about how they and their teams have helped create cultural icons and what they do to keep their shows constantly in the zeitgeist.

Listen in to hear Hulu’s Ryan Crosby discuss The Handmaid’s Tale; ABC’s Rebecca Daugherty talk about stalwart reality franchise and social-media superstar The Bachelor; AMC’s Linda Schupack reflect on global zombie smash The Walking Dead; and Amazon’s Mike Benson, who has since moved on to CBS, muse about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Promax members can log on here to watch this session on video.

[Images courtesy of Memoryscape]

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