What does it mean to be brave with your brand? What we know is that sometimes the internet giveth, like Baby Yoda going hyper-viral, and other times, it taketh away, like Peloton’s seemingly innocent advertisement featuring a woman getting one of their bikes for a holiday gift, and then being very surprised themselves when the ad sparked lots of controversy.

Being brave with your brand is necessary if you want to break out, but you also need to do it smartly to avoid pitfalls. In this session from Promax Europe in Amsterdam, Contagious’ Head of Trends Katrina Dodd offers ten ways you can approach your creative courageously to really make an impact.

Here’s an example Dodd discusses early in the episode. Pedigree devised an ingenious way to get people’s pets to pose for pictures, while selling them dog treats.

Listen in to learn how you can get comfortable getting risky:

[Images courtesy of Memoryscape]

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