Prime Video’s trailer for documentary Judy Blume Forever – which debuted on International Women’s Day Wednesday, March 8 – features interviews with kids and fans punctuated with multimedia graphics and anchored with commentary from the author herself.

Blume is famous for writing such books as Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret; Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing; Deenie; and Forever, a book about teenage sex and first love that many women of a certain age definitely hid from their parents and read in bed with a flashlight. The documentary explores Blume’s “fearless mission to openly discuss taboo subjects,” including menstruation and masturbation, and how that “paved the way to real debate and conversation around book banning, censorship and teen sexual discovery.”

Prime Video’s unscripted marketing team collaborated with Los Angeles-based agency InSync Plus on the trailer, which is set to a track by all-girl LA-based band The Linda Lindas.

The documentary comes from Imagine Documentaries and the team behind HBO’s Very Semi-Serious, with directors Davina Pardo and Leah Wolchok bringing the story of Judy Blume and her readers to life through conversations with Blume and her many fans.

Prime Video’s Judy Blume Forever debuts Friday, April 21 on the service.


Client: Prime Video

Global Head of Marketing, Amazon Studios and MGM Studios: Sue Kroll

Head of Unscripted Marketing: Mark Scheider

Senior Creative Marketing Manager: Anitha Rao

Senior Creative Director: Alison Herschberg Williams

Campaign Manager: Max Gunko

Social Media Manager: Alissa Gwynn

Agency: InSync Plus

Creative Director: Smitty, Mike Earnhardt

Editor: Kali Knowles

Producer & Music Supervisor: Rosie Styczynski

Motion Graphics: Alli Burnett

Copywriter: Gregg Ostrin

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