Professional chef Jamie (James Corden) and his pregnant wife Amadine (Melia Kreilling) seem to be rolling along in a happy marriage but when secrets start coming out, they both learn that their relationship – and the relationships of those around them – aren’t what they thought they were in Prime Video’s upcoming six-episode series Mammals.

“Monogamy it’s a beautiful idea but you have to admit it’s pretty hard, right? He is the man, she is the woman, the only one that they will ever be. It’s hard to live up to,” says Amandine.

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The darkly comedic drama from writer Jez Butterworth delves into the complexities of modern marriage. Besides Corden and Kreilling, the series also stars Sally Hawkins as Jamie’s sister, Lue, and Colin Morgan as Jeff, Lue’s husband. Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Samuel Anderson also star.

The series is created and executive produced by Jez Butterworth and James Richardson with Corden also executive producing. Stephanie Laing directs. It’s produced by Street Hassle in association with Vertigo Films and Fulwell 73.

Mammals premieres Friday, November 11 on Prime Video.

Key art for Prime Video's 'Mammals.'
Key art for Prime Video’s ‘Mammals.’

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