Paris-based Eddy’s trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming title, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, fuses 2D and 3D animation with art as the aforementioned prince fights monster after monster.

The piece is the directorial debut of Lucas Durkheim, who started at Eddy as a storyboard artist after graduating from Paris’ prestigious design school Gobelins and CalArts.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown comes out January 18, 2024.



Client: Ubisoft

Production: Eddy

Director: Lucas Durkheim

EP: Jonathan Zahut

Line Producer: Isa Taoui

Storyboard: Jun Violet

Storyboard Pitch: Florent Remize

Colorboard: Chloé Dumoulin

Character Design Adaptation: Lucile Meunier

Chara Design Adaptation Assistant: Chou Stéphane Chan

Concept Art: Ivan Pozdnyakov

Concept FX: Jonghyun Jung

Editor: Christian Georges

3D Animation: Red Knuckles

Color: Everest

Mix: Attention O Chiens

Tags: 2d animation 3d animation eddy prince of persia: the last crown red knuckles trailer ubisoft

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