Capt. Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey) and Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) continue to uncover alien conspiracies in season two of Project Blue Book.

This time, however, the duo will tackle the most well-known UFO stories in American history—the mysterious crash in Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51—despite puzzling circumstances, corrupt politicians, and government cover-ups.

The series is based on the real-life investigations into UFOs, which were conducted by the U.S. Air Force from 1952 to 1969. The 10-episode second season will also include stories about Skinwalker Ranch, the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter and the CIA’s mind-control experiments.

“UFOs have sparked a cultural conversation that has infiltrated recent news cycles, but the truth is, the allure with this topic goes back decades since the creation of Project Blue Book,” Eli Lehrer, executive vice president and general manager for History, said in a statement. “…Through this season’s entertaining and compelling storytelling, viewers will become immersed in these strange occurrences that are inspired by real events.”

Project Blue Book returns Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 10PM ET/PT on History Channel. Check out the season two key art below:

'Project Blue Book' season two key art. [A+E Networks]
‘Project Blue Book’ season two key art. [A+E Networks]

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