As jurors gather across Europe to select the winners of the 2020 Promax Europe Awards, Daily Brief is highlighting the cities where these juries are taking place.

After meeting in Madrid, Spain and Kiyv, Ukraine, the jury has landed in Prague, Czech Republic for its final meeting location. Check out some fun facts about the region’s capital city, located in the heart of Europe.

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Historical Fact: Prague is home to the largest castle in the world, the aptly named Prague Castle, which spans 18 acres total.

How many people live there? As the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague has a population of 1.319 million.

What are the city’s top attractions? The Prague Castle, the largest castle complex in the world and home to the Czech Republic’s President; Charles Bridge, a historic, stone Gothic bridge; and Karlova Street, a major walkway filled with vendors and souvenir stands.

Tourist trap: Karlova Street

Local hangout: Letna Park Beer Garden

Pop-culture tidbit: A wall opposite of the French Embassy, known as the John Lennon Wall, has been covered in portraits, lyrics from his songs, quotes, and images since his death in 1980.

Favorite foods: Czech Goulash (a thick stew made with beef (sometimes pork, too) and served with dumplings); Kulajda (mushroom and potato soup); and Tatarák (steak tartare).

Favorite beverages: Becherovka (herbal liquor from Karlovy Vary) and, of course, beer.

Winners of this year’s 2020 Promax Europe Awards will be announced live from Madrid on 17 March. Registration for the two-day conference is still open.

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