Every year, Promax invites entertainment marketing professionals to gather in Miami and celebrate the finest work in the Latin America and U.S. Hispanic markets.

But this year, the association is broadening its scope as Promax Latino expands to two new cities: Buenos Aires and São Paulo.

“We recognize that the Promax Latino community is not limited to Miami, and that it’s not always easy for our members in South America and Mexico to get away from the office for days at a time,” said Stacy La Cotera, SVP, global awards development and executive producer, conference production and experience. “Promax Latino was created to unite and celebrate, so what’s better than creating more accessible opportunities?”

Similar to its flagship event, those who attend Buenos Aires and São Paulo can connect with colleagues, network and find new inspiration. The goal, however, is to create a unique opportunity for professionals to meet others from their entire region, not just their local market, said La Cotera.

“Busy schedules make it challenging to set aside time to foster strategic relationships and build connections, so Promax will take the work out of it by offering fun and valuable ways to connect closer to home.”

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The Miami edition will see some updates as well. In addition to a new venue, Ball and Chain, Promax will announce the finalists for the 2019 Latin America and U.S. Hispanic Awards live on stage on Oct. 3.

“This is the first time we will announce the finalists before the jury gathers and decides who takes home Gold,” La Cotera said. “Then, we will have a global online event at a later date, allowing teams to gather across the region to hear winners announced in real-time!”

The multi-city celebration kicks off in Miami on Oct. 3 before heading to Buenos Aires on Oct. 15 and São Paulo on Oct. 29. Click here to RSVP in the country of your choice.

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