1. Jon Steinberg, Founder & CEO, Cheddar

As the morning gets underway, be sure to catch keynote speaker Jon Steinberg, founder and CEO of business news site Cheddar. The executive who formerly headed Buzzfeed as its president and COO will talk trends for both traditional and streaming content providers.

2. State of Design

Show don’t tell, right? This fun session does just that by demonstrating how 2018 is playing out in the design world. Sit back and enjoy some of the latest short films, game cinematics, music videos, broadcast design, advertising, infographics, and branded content that’s getting noticed this year—and what it all means for our immediate future.

3. Pick a Masterclass

It’s time to take a deep dive into a subject of your choice with a few different masterclass options. Explore mergers, managing yourself and others and bouncing back from a scandal in the Leadership masterclass; attend the Rebrand masterclass to learn what it takes to successfully evolve; discover ways your brand can take a stand in the Social Good masterclass and get up to speed on AR, VR and new types of storytelling in the Creative Tech masterclass.

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4. Afternoon Keynotes: Joanne Lipman and Lee Hunt

Joanne Lipman, the author of That’s What She Said: What Men Need to Know [and Women Need to Tell Them] About Working Together, and most recently chief content officer of Gannett, will discuss the challenges affected underrepresented voiced and what we can do now to help ourselves and those around us.

“My hope is that we’re going to empower the people in the audience to be more creative and to be open to others whose voices are not always heard,” says Joanne Lipman.

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Meanwhile, Lee Hunt will break down where television is heading in his annual deep dive into the best practices and tech adaptations necessary to stay on the cutting edge of a rapidly evolving industry.

5. Agency Happy Hour

Time to take a load off! Swing by the third floor promenade and foyer to lift a glass after a day of education and insight.

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