Some of entertainment’s top photographers have generously donated their photos for attendees to bid on for the second annual PromaxBDA Promo Pathway Auction at The Conference 2013. The silent auction is co-curated by Steph Sebbag and Karla Braun at bpg, and proceeds go to PromaxBDA’s Promo Pathway Program, the first accredited on-air promotions training program in the US.

Michael Muller, known for his daring close-up portraits of lions and sharks in their natural habitats, but also of blockbuster movie posters like Captain America and Iron Man, as well as the epic TV looks of FX Sons of Anarchy and Starz’s Spartacus, is participating in this year’s auction. Muller donated three of his prints to the auction: “Hear Me Whisper” (a portrait of an angry lion at night), “Test Subject #1” (a close-up shark photograph taken without an underwater cage) and “Violate 11550” (Robert Downey Jr. acting out a Marcos Johnson poem).

Muller, who says that staying creative is like walking a constant tightrope, became interested in water at 10 years old and has since become famous for his underwater images of sharks. “My true fulfillment comes from shooting animals in my career right now,” said Muller. “It’s shooting animals in a way that people haven’t seen before.”

Apparently not afraid of approaching lions in the dead of night to take their portraits, Muller patented a system of strobe lights himself in order to get the effect he desired – to him, it’s the ultimate in celebrity. “People come and go, but animals are timeless,” according to the photographer.

Visit the PromaxBDA Promo Pathway Auction, co-curated by Steph Sebbag and Karla Braun at bpg, in the Diamond Foyer outside the Diamond Ballroom at The Conference to bid on premier works of art.


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