Whether you’re low on oxygen, trapped in quicksand, or bitten by a zombie, there’s also time to watch Quibi.

The short-form video service, which enters the streaming wars this April, illustrates this concept in a series of ads that aired during Sunday’s Oscars ceremony.

Each spot presents a different scenario in which a person, who’s in the immediate face of danger, takes a moment to finish their favorite episode of a series, including Chrissy’s Court, Dummy and the Liam Hemsworth-led The Most Dangerous Game.

The spots follow Quibi’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial, “Bank Heist,” which follows a similar formula as a getaway driver prioritizes an episode of Punk’d over helping his accomplices escape a bank robbery.

Check them all out here:



Train Tracks


Leave Me

Quibi officially launches on April 6.

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