“At the heart of every competition, something our ancestors wanted us to know: While we may be mortal, we cannot live in fear,” narrates Rain Wilson as he introduces his new Netflix series We Are the Champions.

Wilson (The Office, Star Trek: Discovery) and his team explores some of the world’s oddest but most charming and inspirational competitions you never knew existed in new reality series We Are the Champions.

Each episode follows one unique event, including cheese rolling, chili eating, fantasy hair styling, yo-yo, dog dancing and frog jumping.

Cheese rolling takes place each May in an otherwise quiet English village, with participants chasing a wheel of cheese down one very steep hill. The glory of being the first to claim the cheese often comes at a cost, including fractured limbs and broken collar bones.

In the inaugural Pepper-Eating Challenge, Smokin’ Ed Currie, inventor of the world’s hottest chili pepper, promises to burn the tongue off of even the most determined pepper-eating masochists as they work their way up to Currie’s Carolina Reaper.

The Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show is home to the Fantasy Hair Competition, taking place in New Orleans, in which stylists have just 90 minutes to craft models’ hair into elaborate sculptures of beauty, style and pure inventiveness.

The prestigious World Yo-Yo contest takes place in Cleveland, Ohio, where competitors perform elaborate routines and original movies set to hot music.

Dog owners train their dogs to participate in many sports, including agility, obedience, rally and nosework, but only the most graceful compete in dog dancing. We Are the Champions checks out the Open European Championships where competitive dogs have to be able to perfectly perform more than 400 commands in a four-minute routine.

Finally, the show heads to Angels Camp, Calif., to see if anyone can break Rosie the Ribeter’s world record of 21 feet, 5.75 inches to win $5,000 and the title of Frog Jumping World Champion.

We Are the Champions is a Dirty Robber production. Executive producers and directors are Brian Golden Davis, Nick Frew and Martin Desmond Roe. Chris Uetwiller is executive producer, while Wilson is executive producer and narrator.

We Are the Champions debuts on Netflix on Nov. 17.

[Images courtesy of Netflix]

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