Ahead of the Valorant Champions Tournament in Los Angeles, Riot Games put out the above music video to get fans hyped for the annual event.

The short animated film is set to a song that was composed specifically for the event. Riot Games worked with record producer and DJ Grabbitz and up-and-coming rapper bbno$ for this year’s tournament anthem, “Ticking Away.” This is the third time Grabbitz has worked with Riot Games on an anthem. This one will be performed live for fans for the first time ahead of the finals at Kia Auditorium on August 26.

The animated video was created, produced, animated and directed by Paris-based Quad Group. The creative company includes animation division Wizz, which incorporates directing collective CRCR. It tells the story of a group of kids who grew up together playing video games and hanging out in the neighborhood, but eventually they grow up and go their separate ways. The gaming leader keeps playing until he finds himself at a Valorant Champions Tournament and when he looks up, his old friends are cheering him on from the front row.

The Valorant Champions Tournament is taking place at the Shrine and Kia Auditoriums in Los Angeles and running from August 6-26.

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Client: Riot Games

Production/Animation/Direction: Quad Group/Wizz/CRCR

Producer: Matthieu Poirier

Coordinator: Rebeca Hayem, Akito Martel

Storyboard Artist: Ninoc, Guzzu

Art Director: Nicolas Pegon, Nicolas Dehghani

Character Design: Gianni Bouyeure, Paul Lacolley, Jeremy Pires

Artist: Simon Dumonceau, Victor Delorme, Pauline Mauvière, Simon Masse, Benjamin Moulin, Louise Flatz, Rita Fonseca

Concept Artist: Paul Lacolley, Gianni Bouyeure, Jules Bourgès, Rodrigo De Sousa, Bung Nguyen

Animation Lead: Jeremy Pires, Gianni Bouyeure

Animator: Gaelle Thierry, Mandimby Lebon, Vic Chhun, Bernard Bui, Etienne Faivre, Bung Nguyen, Rodrigo De Sousa, Camille Chao, Camille Bozec, Florian De Chelle, Antoine Tran, Alexandra Petit, Milla Monagan

Animation Assistant: Leonard Ferrer, Melina Ienco, Virgile Chéraud

Fx Artist: Martin Robic, Paul Bouchart

3d Lead: Hugo Garnier

3d Artist: Andrey Kolesov, Axel Mechin

Compositing: Guillaume Cassuto, Valérie Guichard, Mathieu Bernadat

Editor: Emma Robin

Cleanup Artist: Pudoctopus

Motion Designer: Noé Giuliani

Digital Imaging Technician: Nicolas Biardeau, Jean Nicolas Michel, Emmanuel Zangzang

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