Madrid-based Visualzink draped Spanish public broadcaster RTVE in red for the revamp of its 24-hour news channel.

The new look was guided by the previous refresh of RTVE’s flagship news program, Telediario, which has a similar graphics look but uses blue as its predominant color.

The new look for RTVE’s 24-hour channel demonstrates a range of reds while using a precise and futuristic system of motion graphics. In one example, a circle – representing the globe and all its many time zones – sprays out into a timeline that resolves into a show title.

“Our team overcame significant creative challenges, melding innovation with brand cohesion, and crafting a modern, impactful graphic concept that distinguished the channel in a competitive landscape. We developed a versatile graphic system that accommodated rapid adaptations without compromising aesthetics,” said Visualzink in a statement.

Overall, Visualzink crafted more than 200 unique elements for the brand revamp – from visuals to music. The work included new main intros for daily information blocks as well as specialized intros for diverse segments, new set design and graphics solutions for thematic programs.


Client: RTVE

Agency: Visualzink

Production: Visualzink

Director: JC Ordóñez

Post-production: Visualzink

Music: Josep Sanou

Tags: brand refresh rtve visualzink

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