Mid-way through the Valorant Champions Series in Los Angeles, Riot Games and electriclime have released a second documentary-style spot focusing on a top-ranked female Valorant player.

Kohal is a top-ranked Japanese Valorant player, who dreams of becoming Japan’s number-one esports player.

Riot Games partnered with electriclime and Singaporean director and editor Daniel Marjan to shoot the documentary, traveling to Berlin during last year’s Valorant Game Changers championship. Game Changers is Riot’s Valorant tournament specifically for “marginalized genders.”

Riot’s first project in this space focused on Thai player Jinny. What Kohal and Jinny have in common is that they both want to prove to the world that there is no difference between men and women when it comes to excelling in e-sports.


This year’s Valorant Game Changers tournament takes place in São Paulo, Brazil, November 28 to December 3.

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Client: Riot Games

Agency: electriclime°

Director: Daniel Marjan

DoP: Jonan Liang

Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh

Senior Producer: Dora Claire David

Creative Director: Pabz Alexander

Head of Production: Rory Cavanagh

Sound Recordist: Alberto Sanchez Nue

Primary Editor: Daniel Marjan

On-set Japanese Assistant: Yukiko Tanno

Japanese Translator: Rochelle Edelweiss Boon

Tags: electriclime esports riot games valorant video games

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