Everybody’s a morning person in the above spot for Good Day Seattle, which airs each weekday morning on Fox’s KCPQ Seattle from 4:30-10 a.m.

The spot – which features people rising, shining, brewing coffee, brushing teeth and making lunch, all while dancing along to the jazzy score – was produced entirely in-house by KCPQ’s marketing team in just five days.

The team set up multiple scenes on a single stage using props to create different home environments, such as a bedroom, closet, bathroom and kitchen. At the end, everyone is dancing together in the same place, which gives the piece a big musical finish.

“Wake up on the bright side and make it a Good Day,” says the voiceover as the cast, recruited from local schools, just keeps on dancing.

The spot also highlights the morning show’s four co-hosts: anchors Bill Wixey and Liz Dueweke, meteorologist Brian MacMillan and traffic anchor Adam Gehrke.

Good Day Seattle launched on the station last May.


Client: Fox’s KCPQ Seattle

Vice President, Marketing: Sean O’Heir

Creative Director: Andrew Delgado

Senior Producer: Scott Studach

Producers: Sophia Beach, Duane Shrode

Designer: Oliver Massey

Coordinator: Justine Baker

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