Hulu has expanded its “Hulu Sellouts” campaign to include New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley.

Spanning billboards, digital ads, TV commercials and more, the national marketing campaign features professional athletes as they flaunt their earnings and promote the “Hulu Has Live Sports” tagline. This time, however, Barkley is in the midst of creating a strange new concept, Hulu Has Live Sports ‘20: The Video Game—a game where players simply watch football.

“Who would want to play this?” Barkley asks.

“It’s not about play. It’s about pay,” his agent responds.

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The 30-second spot makes its national debut during the Giants vs. Buccaneers game on Sunday. Hulu will also release the online video game, Hulu Has Live Sports ‘20, on Oct. 14 for games and sports fans alike.

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Agency: Big Family Table

Production Company: Hungry Man

Post VFX: Tribbo Post

Director: Dave Laden

Group Account Director: Chris Carter

Head of Creative: Guto Araki

Head of Strategy: Will Burroughs

Head of Production: Mary Ellen Duggan

Senior Producer: Judd Stricker

Creative Director: Eric Manchester

Creative Director: Neal Desai

[Updated Oct. 2 at 10:29am to reflect video game’s new release date].

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