​Sean Hayes, perhaps best known as Jack on NBC’s Will & Grace, also runs his own production company, Hazy Mills, with production partner Todd Milner.

Through Hazy Mills, Hayes is executive producer on CNN’s History of Comedy, which returned for season two on July 15.

Hayes starred in a promotional campaign for the series, taking advantage of his famed physical comedy skills in the above spot, as he tries to convince CNN security to let him through even though he has no ID on him.

Below is CNN’s take on Masterpiece Theater’s main titles, customized for History of Comedy and featuring Hayes as a host who is ill-prepared to take over pipe-smoking duties.

And below, CNN cleverly pokes fun at its own apple and banana promos, which have been airing for months as CNN works to combat inaccurate perceptions around fake news as well as warn viewers of the dangers of just leaving banana peels lying around.


Chief Marketing Officer, CNN Creative Marketing: Allison Gollust

Sr. Vice President, CNN Creative Marketing: Rick Lewchuk

Vice President & Group Creative Director, CNN Creative Marketing: Whit Friese

Sr. Director, Production, CNN Creative Marketing: Dan Brown

Creative Director, CNN Creative Marketing: Sean Houston

Marketing Director, CNN Creative Marketing: Lara Hurst

Sr. Writer/Producer, CNN Creative Marketing: Nicole Giles

Sr. Designer, CNN Creative Marketing: Alvaro Morcillo

Editor, Cohere Media: Kevin Thomas

Hazy Mills Productions: Sean Hayes, Todd Milner

Production Company: Roger

Director: Terence Lee

Director of Photography: Mateo Londono

Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky

Creative Director: Dane Macbeth

Head of Production: Liz Catullo

Senior Producer: Anne Pendola

Line Producer: Shannon Bowen

Production Designer: Fabio Mascio

Pre-Visualization: Justin Wilcott

Patrick Nagy, Editor: Patrick Nagy

Designers: Tina Hung, Kelly Lim

Compositor: Braden Wheeler

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