Still haven’t had enough “Dexter” in your life? Now you can talk back to Dexter or Ray Donovan, or any Showtime anti-hero on TV with real results.

​Smart TV leader LG Electronics is incorporating Showtime Networks’ SHO Sync app into its smart TVs for an interactive viewing experience.

Using LG’s “Live Plus” technology, Showtime Networks and LG smart TVs work together to deliver interactive, synchronized content onscreen. SHO Sync, which will automatically be available on LG smart TVs, presents extra content, character information and polls onscreen during each Showtime telecast. The smart TV version will be similar to the original iPad version of the SHO Sync app.

It works by recognizing each original Showtime Networks episode that are SHO Sync-enabled (live, on demand or recorded), then inviting the viewer to take part in the synchronized content onscreen. Users can opt in with their remote, and the app starts up in line with the episode.

“SHO Sync for smart TVs is a breakthrough for the industry, offering a rich and interactive experience with a strong focus on content, where consumers can enjoy their favorite Showtime series,” said Showtime’s Donald Buckley, EVP, program marketing and digital services, in a statement. “For the first time, viewers can click a single button, using their remotes and interact in a completely new way with our programming.”

Brief Take: By partnering with one of the biggest smart TV manufacturers, Showtime is cementing itself as a second-screen friendly network and providing viewers with an additional way to get to its SHO Sync app.


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