New idents created by London-based animation studio Nomint and award-winning motion designer Tony Zagoraios bring Greek channel Skai TV’s new cube icon into our everyday lives, and calls on viewers o discover the multiple sides of the channel’s new character.

In addition to a corporate ident, the catchy spots creatively use color and sound design by Rabbeats to break to represent morning, afternoon and night, capturing moments such as that first cup of coffee, blowing bubbles, and popping some popcorn for a movie night.


Client: SKAI TV

Production: NOMINT

Animation Studio: Yeti Pictures

Director: Tony Zagoraios

Creative Director: Christos Lefakis

Project Management: Marilena Vatseri, Nefeli Petika

Art Direction : Tony Zagoraios, Thanos Kagkalos. Chris Golfis

3D Supervision: Thanos Kagkalos

3D Lighting,Texturing,Rendering: Thanos Kagkalos


3D Animation: Melvin Le Riboter, Thanos Kagkalos

Original Music, Sound Design: Rabbeats Music

Special thanks goes to Till Noon

Tags: hot spots

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