​Sony is teasing the release later this year of the PlayStation 5, which will offer haptic touch, adaptive triggers and 3D sound, according to the company.

In the spot, a young woman wanders through a cave before coming upon a giant rock monster. Instead of panicking, she calmly pulls her loaded bow back, a serene smile on her face.

When the device launches, it will bring games to life with the addition of a feature called haptic feedback (which will be familiar to any fans of Ready Player One), which allows players to feel the sensations that the in-game characters are having.

For example, when the character walks across a frozen lake, and the ice cracks to reveal a kraken emerging from the chilly depths, the player will feel it on their wireless controller as well as hear it with the system’s 3D sound.

Players also will feel the tension of the character’s bowstrings and other effects as they wander through the game.

The Playstation 5 is due out for release this holiday season.

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