Turkish creative director Mert Kızılay imagined serial killers as shadowy giants that haunt their native land in these main titles for documentary Türkiye’deki Seri Katiller (Serial Killers in Turkey).

Each scene depicts a figure in the distance, looming over the landscape, weapon in hand. Towards the end, the camera finds the figure on a rooftop, but even then the figure’s face can’t settle, evolving into different spooky forms that include an upside-down skull.

Working with production studio Mördak Yapım on a limited budget, Kızılay and his team combined photography, live-action, 3D projection, stock elements and CGI to create the sequence, according to Stash Media.


Client: Mördak Yapım

Producer: Emre Kardesseven

Director: Birkan Yilmaz

Writer: Atiye Cansu Turan

Executive Producer: Murat Şener

Editing: Umut Keri

DoP: Engin Özkaya GYD


Creative Director: Mert Kızılay

Producer: Duygu Türkmen

Lead Designers: Mert Erçin, Taha Celal Yıldırım

Designers/Animators: Mert Erçin, Taha Celal Yıldırım, Begüm Tuncer, Yasin Eşin, Soner Ünlü

Character Animator: Emre Çamcı

Title & GFX Designer: Mert Şentürk

Photography: Nazlı Pekdemir

Music: Soykan Soner

Tags: hot spots main titles mert kızılay mördak yapım serial killers in turkey

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