Argentinian studio Plenty gets seriously loungy in this stylin’ 30-second spot for AXN that serves as a kind of how-to video for viewers who need to get ready for the channel’s weekly Sunday primetime marathon. Step 1: Unplug the phone. Step 2: Feed the cat. Step 3: Prep the grub. Step 4: Lock the door. Step 5: Melt into your TV.

Client: Sony Pictures Television Latin America; Director: Plenty; Art Director: Pablo Alfieri; Production Manager: Sergio Moreno; Animation Director: Mariano Farias; Creative Producer: Marisabel Torres; Graphic Design: Pablo Alfieri; Illustration: Elda Broglio; Post-Production: Sebastian Curi & Pablo Alfieri; Audio: Juan Tortarolo; Production: Inés Palmas


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