The immediately recognizable voice of Stanley Tucci narrates the trailer for AMC Plus’ upcoming series La Fortuna, starring Tucci as a global adventurer and The Wire’s Clarke Peters as the brilliant American attorney hired to thwart him.

The six-episode series is the story of the group of underwater treasure hunters who find a fortune and the government who wants it back. Spanish actor Álvaro Mel plays the young diplomat who alerts the Spanish government that a treasure long since lost has been found and is in danger of being taken from Spain forever.

La Fortuna is the first television series from director Alejandro Amenábar and it’s a production from AMC and Spain’s Movistar+.

Besides Tucci and Peters, the series also stars Spanish actors Mel and Ana Polvorosa, and British actress T’Nia Miller. The main cast list is rounded out by Karra Elejalde, Manolo Solo, Blanca Portillo and Pedro Casablanc, among others.

La Fortuna is set to premiere this winter exclusively on AMC Plus in the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, in conjunction with AMC Studios and MOD Pictures. It will also premiere exclusively on Movistar+ in Spain.

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