Starz’ array of American Gods each got their own dynamic neon poster in advance of the series’ second season, which premiered March 10.

According to the story, when people migrated to the new world over hundreds of years they brought with them their gods, who appear as human characters like Mr. Wednesday/Odin (Ian McShane). But once these immigrants got settled, they left their gods behind them and took up new gods, represented by Technical Boy (Bruce Langley), Mr. World (Crispin Glover) and more. The old gods are literally fighting a war with the new gods to remain relevant.

To tell the story of each of these gods, Los Angeles-based creative production company King and Country created 11 motion billboards in 4K and then distributed them in coordinated social and out-of-home campaigns, including on New York City subways.

King and Country worked off of original posters created by Percival & Associates. Director Rick Gledhill led a one-day live-action shoot with each of the characters to create the 10-second segments. K+C then combined the video with photo-real CG, 3D backgrounds and text to create each poster.

American Gods is a beloved IP filled with rich and complex characters, each with their own theme and ideology,” said Michael Chen, VP, originals marketing, Starz. “K+C was able to capture the essence of these characters in a visually striking and contextually accurate way that fit seamlessly into the rest of our campaign. Both talent and fans have embraced these motion posters. We couldn’t be more proud of our partnership with K+C.”


Network: Starz

SVP, Originals Marketing: Jen Mintz

VP, Originals Marketing: Michael Chen

Director, Digital Marketing: Meg Troop

Manager, Digital Marketing: Alex Seguin

Associate Manager, Originals Marketing: Truc Pham

Art Director: Michael Salvatore

Print Design: Percival & Associates

Production Company: Agency: King and Country

Post and Finishing: King and Country

Director/Creative Director: Rick Gledhill

Executive Producer: Jerry Torgerson

Line Producer: Nathan Israel

Director of Photography: Pat Notaro

Post Producer: Calvin Kim

Editor: Benjamin Cline, Mike Radtke

Design & Animation Team: Eduardo Guisandes, Hugo Codinach, Josh Lewis, Tobias Kutz, Aziz Dosmetov, Jon Taylor

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