Every year, Promax presents the most creative, powerful and inspiring marketing campaigns during its State of Our Art keynote at Promax Conference and Station Summit.

This year’s showcase featured moving messages from Microsoft, Hulu, Coke and more as entertainment marketers from around the world drew inspiration and celebrated the spots that rose above the rest.

“One of the most remarkable things about our craft—and something that resonates compellingly in today’s world—is that in addition to entertaining, we also have the opportunity to provoke, inspire and effect change,” said Marty Frey, senior vice president for NBC Affiliate Marketing at Promax Station Summit.

Check out the top campaigns, starting with Microsoft’s heartwarming commercial that pushes independence and empowerment.

Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2019: We All Win

The next two spots featured female athletes who have broken barriers, brought people together through their performance and inspired generations of athletes

to chase after their dreams.

Fast and Female – YOU

Nike - Dream Crazier

Alexa Loses Her Voice in One

Nothing beats the feel-good factor of laughter—enter Amazon’s quirky Alexa commercial, which features the loss of a familiar voice.

Never Get Hulu

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Hulu’s “Never Get Hulu” campaign “celebrates what you can produce with a mere $5 million and six-month lead time,” the speakers joked.

The spot, which debuted during the 2019 Emmys, was part of a larger campaign to change the publics’ perspective of Hulu, Nick Tran, VP, brand and culture, said during a panel discussion at the 2019 Promax Conference.

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Maxwell House TV Commercial, ‘2019 Mother’s Day: Invisible Labor of Love’

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Maxwell House showcased the invisible labor of moms with a different kind of labor class for moms-to-be.

This Coke Is a Fanta

This Coke is a Fanta | Celebrate International LGBT+ Pride Day from Campaigns of the World on Vimeo.

To bring new meaning to the Brazilian, homophobic expression, “This Coke is a Fanta,” Coke debuted this uplifting campaign in time for International LGBT+ Pride Day.

Roma Europa Festival The Power of Art

Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana developed this spot—that’s considered “somewhere between art and promo—” for Romaeuropa Festival 2018. It later went on to receive multiple Promax Awards, including Use of Motion Graphics at Promax Europe 2019.

Washington Post Super Bowl Message: Democracy Dies in Darkness

During one of the most challenging times in journalism history, The Washington Post salutes journalists in this bold and powerful Super Bowl spot.

DNA DISCOUNTS Advertisement for AeroMexico Airlines

As political and economic tensions flare between Mexico and its northern neighbor, AeroMexico took a provocative approach in its “DNA Discounts” program, offering flight discounts to Americans based on their percentage of Mexican DNA.

Apple Event

Apple created these stylistic opening credits for their recent Spring 2019 event. Through colors, sound and animated graphics, viewers traveled through the robust history of the iconic tech company before the event’s feature presentation.

We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)

In January, Gillette made headlines with its intentionally-provocactive toxic masculinity campaign. In the above spot, the legacy brand challenges men to be their best and drive change that matters to “groom the next generation of men,” Pankaj Bhalla, North America brand director on Gillette, told the Associated Press.

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NESCAFÉ Gold _ For the Moments That Matter

NESCAFÉ Gold presented a poignant reminder to stay close to those who truly matter in this eye-opening spot.

TV 2 | All That We Share – Connected


To wrap up the showcase, TV2 questions: what can be more beautiful than establishing deeper connections with those around us?

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