Building on the score it composed for Nexstar’s NewsNation, Dallas-based Stephen Arnold Music lent its talents to three new projects for the Nexstar-owned news network.

The work included sonic branding and custom music for two new shows on the network: Dan Abrams Live, a weekday primetime show featuring the veteran legal analyst, and Morning in America, the network’s three-hour morning show hosted by Adrienne Bankert, formerly of Good Morning America’s weekend anchor team.

Stephen Arnold Music also produced music and sound design for promos, franchises and transitions as well as numerous in-show elements.

The theme for Dan Abrams Live evokes the show’s concept as an in-depth, nonpartisan look at the day’s biggest stories with a focus on policing.

“The theme has a hard edge, in keeping with the seriousness of the show and Dan Abrams’ commitment to telling all sides of a story,” says Stephen Arnold Music VP/Creative Director Chad Cook in a statement. “The percussion is prominent and supported by driving guitars and strings. It gives the show a strong, primetime sound and signature.”

Dan Abrams Live

The theme for Morning in America, by contrast, offers a fresh and melodic interpretation of the NewsNation sonic signature.

“We created a multi-faceted sonic package that includes a range of themes, each with different energy and pacing, to keep the sound dynamic and diverse across the full three hours,” says Cook.

Morning in America

In collaboration with Jonathan Killian, NewsNation’s VP of creative marketing and brand communications, and the NewsNation creative team, Stephen Arnold Music also scored custom music for a series of network promos that employ the theme “News For All America.”

News for All America

“The music projects authenticity and unity,” says Killian. “It sends a hopeful message that will resonate with people with differing views from different parts of the country.”

All motion graphics for Dan Abrams Live and Morning in America were produced by NewsNation’s in-house creative team.

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