For the main-title sequence for HBO Max’s space thriller, Raised by Wolves, London-based creative agency Studio AKA and creative director Steve Small and his team told the story of what brings humanity to try to recreate civilization on a strange new world. The series is produced for HBO Max by Ridley Scott and his production company, Scott Free Productions, and is created by Aaron Guzikowski.

To create the sequence, Small designed hand-rendered shots depicting the cataclysm that befalls Earth and forces humanity to seek a new planet to call home. Small and his team used a combination of 3D, rotoscoping and simple artwork to create the above sequences.

Says Small of the project on Vimeo: “It’s not every day you are invited to work on a project in a genre with the person who created some of the most resonant and powerful examples of the genre itself. I was pinching myself on regular occasions. Collaborating with Ridley Scott on the title sequence of ‘Raised By Wolves’ offered a rare glimpse into his creative process. [Scott] draws, storyboards, thinks like a painter, and has an unsettlingly good eye. Aaron Guzikowski’s darkly compelling story contains a powerful pioneering spirit that carries humanity’s flawed past into a fragile dream of the future. We wanted to create something that felt both broken but hopeful to reflect these contrasting themes. Creating these sequences for Ridley Scott was an artistic thrill.”

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Client: Scott Free Films & HBO Max

Creative Agency: Studio AKA

Creative Director: Steve Small

Tags: animation hbo max main titles raised by wolves studio aka

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