Following up on last year’s successful rebrand of Hungary’s family of 4 channels — Story4, Film4, TV4, and Galaxy4 — London-based Studio Hansa this year rebranded the umbrella brand, turning the blandly named Digital Media Media & Communications into Network 4.

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The new look is a complete departure — not to mention name change — from the prior incarnation with Studio Hansa turning the number four into a brand workhorse.

“We explored a vast number of options but ultimately it was chosen to retain the familiar ‘4’ icon. This was accompanied by a bespoke logo typeface that reflected the curvature of the recognizable ‘4’ icon and embodied a modern, social media savvy warmth,” Studio Hansa wrote on its website.

Studio Hansa tied the new ‘4’ logo into the family of channel brands by applying to it the colors of each of those brands: red for TV4, orange for Story4, periwinkle for Film4, seafoam green for Galaxy4 and magenta for the still under-development Net4.

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