Space science just entered a new era with the launch of the James Webb Space telescope, but Vox Media’s The Vox Channel is returning to the ‘80s with its programming stunt, Summer Space Vacation.

The channel took inspiration from educational science packages of the ‘80s and early ‘90s and crafted all of the package’s “offbeat and awkward” graphics to look like they were created in the pre-After Effects era using Avid machines.

Besides the promo (above), the team also created interstitials featuring space trivia, events and factoids, and quotes. And they had a little extra freedom because the streaming environment does not need to be as rigid about the length and numbers of spots.




Vox’s Summer Space Vacation starts July 25 and airs a one-hour special at 8 p.m. ET each night that week created by Vox Media’s science brands: Vox, The Verge and Seeker. Episode themes include Breaking Boundaries, Entering the Unknown, Inventing a Future, Solving Space, Beyond the Believable, and more.


Client: The Vox Channel

Executive Producer: Joel Hanek

Creative Director: Kaori Sohma

Sr. Operations Supervisor: Ashely Guckert

Sr. Archival Producer: Arsh Harjani

Distribution Manager: Chrissi Michael

Video Clearance Producer: Natalie E. Ruiz-Perez, Laura Chiarella, Sierra Enea

Visual & Music by Georgia: Brian Close, Justin Tripp

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