As Batman (Iain Glen) ages and his reign comes to an end, he passes his vigilante torch to his young partner, Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), formerly known as Robin. Now Grayson is trying to build an identity of his own as Nightwing as he works with a new team that includes Koriand’r/Starfire (Anna Diop), Rachael Roth/RAven (Teegan Croft), Gar Logan/Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), Donna Troy/Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie), Jason Todd/Red Hood (Curran Walters), Conner/Super Boy (Joshua Orpin), Hank Hall/Hawk (Alan Ritchson), Dawn Granger/Dove (Minka Kelly). Damaris Lewis plays Blackfire, arch-villainess and sister and main rival to Starfire.

Also starring are Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon, daughter of famed commissioner Jim Gordon, and Vincent Kartheiser and Dr. Jonathan Crane, also known as Scarecrow.

Titans moved off of DC Universe after that streaming service shuttered and moved to HBO Max, although production was delayed due to the pandemic. Season three of the series starts streaming August 12, with episodes dropping weekly until Oct. 21.

Key art for season 3 of HBO Max's 'Titans'
Key art for season 3 of HBO Max’s ‘Titans’


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