ESPN jumps on the country’s fastest-growing sport of Pickleball – a cross between tennis and ping pong – with the inaugural Pickleball Slam. The event brings together tennis legends John McEnroe, Michael Chang, Andy Roddick and Andre Agassi as they trade their racquets for paddles while their passion for trash talk remains largely intact.

ESPN tapped Miami-based 2C Media to whip up two quick spots – a :30 and a :15 – to promote the event. 2C took a docuseries approach, highlighted by bold graphics and dramatic voiceover, that captures these tennis greats’ true competitive natures. Not that McEnroe’s was ever really in question.

It’s Chang and McEnroe vs. Agassi and Roddick on Sunday, April 2 at noon ET.


Client: ESPN

EVP, ESPN Marketing: Laura Gentile

VP Marketing, espnW & Audience Expansion: Rachel Epstein

Associate Director, Emerging Properties & Brands: Christina Ryan

Associate Manager, Emerging Properties & Brands: Stennett Smith

Sr. Director, ESPN Grande & Leonard: Ryan Campbell

Associate Design Director, ESPN Grande & Leonard: Alex Zartman

Sr. Interactive Designer, ESPN Grande & Leonard: Jessica Gardner

Project Manager, Marketing Operations: Michelle Spaulding

Assoc. Director Marketing Production: Matthew Cheron

Assoc. Producer II, Marketing Production: Jonathan Little

Production Coordinator, Marketing Production: Thomas Hamilton, David Wimberly, Sean Anderson

Intern, Marketing Production: BreAnna Torres

Agency: 2C

Executive Creative Director: Chris Sloan

VP of Operations, Executive Producer: Bob Cobb

Creative Director, Producer: Jeff Mielcarz

Motion Graphics Designer: Aaron Magee

Audio Engineer: Cesar Haliwa

Voiceover Talent: Chris Fowler

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