In today’s episode of The Daily Brief Podcast, Alkemy X Creative Director Geoff Bailey goes in-depth on how he and his team stayed up all night to create the colorful and electric title sequence for 50 Cent’s new late-night sketch comedy series on BET, 50 Central.

The open starts with a shot of series creator, executive producer and emcee, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, at sunset, and goes on to light up New York with colorful graphic displays.

The collaboration marks Alkemy X’s second collaboration with Jackson and his production company, G-Unit Film & Television — Alkemy X also did visual effects for Jackson’s Power, which he executive produces and stars in on Starz.

Listen to hear Bailey discuss how he and his team showed New York City in an entirely different light.


Client: BET

Senior Executive Consultant, Original Programming: Endyia Kinney-Sterns

Director, Original Programming: Keith Wooten

Director, Original Programming: Mimi Blanchard

Development Producer, Original Programming: Raye Dowell

Production Company: Alkemy X

Director: Geoff Bailey

Managing Director: Nick Litwinko

Senior Producer: Jason Sonner

Director of Photography: Brian O’Carroll

Production Manager: Phillip Nguyen

VFX Company: Alkemy X

Creative Director / Design: Geoff Bailey

Designers: Diksha Watwani, Lily Feng

Illustrator: Bryan Kai Louie

Animators: Diksha Watwani, Jeffrey Kordova

Compositors: Geoff Bailey, Jeffrey Kordova

Editor: Craig Brasen

Assistant Editor: Molly Gandour

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