Since attending performing arts school in London, Alex Moulton, now chief creative officer of Trollbäck+Company, has had a passion for music.

But instead of becoming a deejay, even though he still spins, or a singer, he became a business builder, a strategic thinker, an entrepreneur.

“I like to take on big challenges in an entrepreneurial way,” he says. “I’ve heard that referred to as ‘running toward the fire.’”

During his career, that drive has led him to agencies such as eyeball, now called Mod Op, and then to found his own agency, Expansion Team, in 2002. He ran that agency for nearly a decade before it was bought out by eyeball, and he then moved on to Vice, where he was senior director, creative and content. There, he helped launch digital content channel Live Nation.

In October 2016, he joined New York-based Trollbäck+Company, a branding and design studio that has worked with such clients as the United Nations, Spotify, BBC, NBC Universal, Apple, Verizon, Chase and IBM.

During his short time at Trollbäck, he’s worked on such rebrands as SyFy’s sonic branding (above), NBC Universo, Oxygen and MTV International. In this conversation, Moulton talks about the strategy, creative and design behind all of those.

Let’s listen in on the conversation:

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