Frank (Rohan Campbell) and Joe Hardy (Alexander Elliot) once again find themselves in the middle of a mystery in season two of Hulu’s The Hardy Boys, returning Wednesday, April 6.

When one of their classmates mysteriously disappears, Frank, Joe and their gang of friends jump back into action, although Frank is holding back a secret. The brothers and their friends soon realize that they have to quickly figure out who they can and cannot trust as they race against time to unravel the truth.

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The cast also includes Keana Lyn, Adam Swain, Cristian Perri, Riley O’Donnell, Krista Nazaire and Sadie Munroe. Executive producers are Athena Georgaklis, Joan Lambur, Doug Murphy, Pam Westman, Chris Pozzebon, Jason Stone and Madeleine Lambur, while Ramona Barckert co-executive produces.

[Images of The Hardy Boys courtesy of Hulu]

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