In a high-tech hourglass structure in Manhattan, high above a car dealership, sits a new take on a game show called “The Million Second Quiz.”

NBC’s new game show, premiering on Monday, is a new take on a traditional format. Players have one million seconds to answer trivia questions in order to earn as much money in the bank as they can. In a bid for true interactivity, viewers can check in with contestants of the game show via a live stream provided by NBC. Only one hour will be televised easy day, but the other 23 hours are available through the play-along online game available on NBC’s app or

The show, beginning tonight, runs through September 19, when host Ryan Seacrest will award the winners with up to $10 million.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s live and interactive elements are what make the show work in today’s TV environment. “There’s been enough trial and error going on with different shows and different digital components where that medium is now developed to work in conjunction with television,” said executive producer David A. Hurwitz.

By making the show a must-see event, NBC hopes that it will draw in viewers to the primetime telecast as well as its play-along online element.

NBC has used its sister networks to help promote the show, using “Sunday Night Football” to help kick off the show for this week. Talent from NBC and Universal has also helped out, using “Law & Order: SVU” and a tie-in with “Kick-Ass 2,” as well as ads running on USA Network.

NBC primetime talent all gathered for this promo:

NBC affiliate stations also are doing their part by surprising online players with the news that they’ve made it to the live stage. And the game keeps going online and with “The Million Second Quiz” app, which launched August 15 and already has more than 550,000 users.

Brief Take: Game shows have been hit or miss in the past few years, but NBC hopes that this 24/7 interactive format will keep them watching as well as playing along with the game.


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