Nick Jr.‘s Bubble Guppies star in a live-action integration music video to help kids get ready for back to school time.

Client: Nick Jr.

Executive Creative Director: Doug Grimmett, Primal Screen

Executive Producer: Hunter Matheson, Primal Screen

Creative Director: Rob Shepps, Primal Screen

Live Action Director: Peter Siaggas, Spots Films

Executive Animation Director: Shane McGee, Primal Screen

3D Animation Director: Fumi Yozawa, Primal Screen

Animation Director: Rob “Vegas” Shetler, Primal Screen

Editor: Brandon Bentley, Primal Screen

Producer: Ashley Davis, Primal Screen

Production & Design Co.: Primal Screen

Creative Director: Matthew Perreault, Nickelodeon Preschool

Director of On-Air Promos: Lauren Muir, Nickelodeon

Senior Art Director: Jennifer Cast, Nickelodeon Brand Creative

Senior Editorial Director: Liza Steinberg, Nickelodeon Preschool

Director of Production Management: Jennifer Bryson, Nickelodeon

Production and Project Manager: Kelly Fentress, Nickelodeon

Production Assistant: Heather Hale, Nickelodeon

Production Assistant: Michelle Esbin, Nickelodeon


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