CBS is turning in its own Grammys performance on Sunday night, revealing three new original songs composed by Grammy-winning producer CID, whose sound includes dance, tech and house music.

Each of CID’s new versions incorporate the network’s five-note mnemonic as well as its slogan, “This is CBS.” All three songs will debut as brand IDs during Sunday night’s big show. One of the versions—“Unum Oculum” (“Unified Eye”)—scores the music video below, which is stuffed with CBS-related Easter eggs. The other two songs are also named in Latin: “Oculus Audax” (“Bold Eye”) and “Oculus Fortem” (“Strong Eye”).

​“We’re always looking for novel and authentic ways to engage a wide range of audiences with the CBS brand, and music is a great way to do that,” said CBS President and Chief Marketing Officer Mike Benson in a statement. “Our collaboration with CID exceeded our expectations, as he mixed an historical element of our past with our new five-note brand mnemonic into three original songs that make a fresh and modern statement about CBS. CID deftly brought this newest phase of our brand personality to life in compositions that feel familiar, but still very new. The three songs we released today are unique, current and probably something you wouldn’t expect from a big media brand, yet they still honor CBS’ rich legacy by incorporating the iconic ‘This Is CBS’ slogan and contemporizing it.”

“In the last year, I went from DJing clubs and festivals around the world to being home every day,” said CID also in a statement. “With that came the opportunity to consider new and exciting projects. When Mike Benson described CBS’ rebranding and his interest in putting a new twist on CBS’ sonic identity through original music, I knew it was the perfect opportunity. That’s how the idea of ‘This Is CBS Remixed’ began. I had the freedom to experiment with genres of music that I usually wouldn’t work with ... and I had a blast doing it.”

The mnemonics are being rolled out across several CBS business units, including CBS Entertainment, CBS Sports, CBS News, CBS Studios, CBS Media Ventures and other CBS branded business units.

In addition to the brand IDs running during the Grammys, CBS and CID also will promote the songs across their social platforms, including TikTok.

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