Apple TV Plus’ film and TV line-up has finally caught the attention of young Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet, who, in case you hadn’t heard, starred in two Oscar-nominated films last year. (As a reminder, those are: Dune and Don’t Look Up.)

The spot follows Chalamet as he watches Apple TV Plus as he goes through his celebrity life – screening films in his home theater, showing up in a chauffeured limo to a premiere, walking the red carpet, traveling back and forth to France.

As the spot begins, Chalamet is watching Apple TV Plus’ best-picture winner CODA with a friend, and he seems impressed. He then starts checking out the line-up and sees films starring Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gomez. He watches the service’s trippy work drama, Severance, and says to himself: “Severance is weird…I could do weird.”

He takes a call from Dune co-star Jason Momoa who says he “just wrapped his new Apple TV Plus series Chief of War (also conveniently mentioning his new show).

“Wait, you have a new Apple show?” Chalamet says.

“At this point, who doesn’t?” Momoa responds.

The spot builds to Timothée sitting on his bed with the Apple TV Plus homepage featuring upcoming film Flowers of the Killer Moon on his TV in front of him as he whispers: “Scorsese, DiCaprio, DeNiro.” Falling backward onto the bed, he finally gives in: “Hey Apple, call me?”

“Call Me” with Chalamet comes on the heels of a similar campaign “Everyone but Jon Hamm,” after which Apple TV Plus announced that the Emmy Award-winning lead of AMC’s Mad Men would star in the service’s third season of The Morning Show.

If, like Hamm, the campaign is an introduction to the star in question’s next act, where will Chalamet pop up on Apple TV Plus? Guesting on Emmy-winning Ted Lasso? Starring in Apple’s next Best Picture nominee? In his own series, like Jason Momoa with Chief of War and See?

Stay tuned to find out.

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