To promote its third annual push into paranormal programming, Travel Channel went with an ‘80s horror nostalgia theme, complete with 2D graphics and lots of socially distanced jump scares in its teaser and full-length spots.

Starting Sept. 14, Travel Channel—also known as TRVL—released several fun teasers across its air and on social channels under the title: “Ghostober III: The Fall of Summer.” On Sept. 15 and continuing through October, the channel moved into longer-form spots that focus more on the programming.

“The paranormal is a fun category to play in,” said Doug Seybert, group SVP, marketing at Discovery, overseeing creative at such networks as Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel and American Heroes Channel. “You can have a wink with the audience and there is a certain amount of camp factor that you can apply to it.”

Over the past three years, Travel Channel has transitioned from travel into the paranormal, and October and Halloween are the perfect time of year to showcase it.

“During October, more people are paying attention to the paranormal than any other month,” he said.

As the pandemic wears on, marketers are coming up with innovative ways to produce promos that don’t require talent or many crew members on the ground. In these three teasers, Travel Channel conjures scary vibes without actually putting anyone in danger.

The spots, which Silver Spring, Md.-based creative agency Alter Ego helped produce, are accompanied by synth-soaked tracks and ‘80s “Thriller” vibes to take viewers all the way back to the days of big hair and neon.

Pool Party


Close Encounters

Once Travel leaves the conceptual phase of the campaign and moves into more tune-in-driven spots for such shows as Ghost Adventures, The Holzer Files, Ghost Nation and Shock Docs, the spots will become more clip-based but the nostalgic graphics and music will remain.

“We throw everything into the Halloween season and we try to create the Halloween feel all year,” said Seybert. “Also, every Friday the 13th we have some fun on the air.” Lucky for Travel, there’s a Friday the 13 this October so look for some extra surprises on the channel.


Client: Travel Channel

Doug Seybert, Group SVP, Marketing

Ki Yi, Creative Lead - Sr. Writer / Producer

Gregory Stein, Creative Director

Javier Rodriquez, Sr. Writer / Producer

Katie Jane Trosan, Writer / Producer

Jaycen Armstrong, Production Manger

Stephanie Czajkowski, Project Manager

Chris Leavy, Project Manager, Strategy

Jennifer Green, Sr. Art Director

Rachel Pearlman, Motion Designer

Andrea Granados, Graphic Designer

Agency: AlterEgo

Monesha Lever, VP/ Head of Production

Erica Kern, Associate Creative Director

Nate Hoeft, Justin Kanner and Dave Nathan, Edit

Megan Gygax, Writer/ Producer

Jason Leta and Eric Diga, Design & Animation

Brian Cantore, 3D Design and Special Effects

Tyler Proctor, Sound Design & Mix

Justin Kanner, Color

Heather Roymans, Director

Barker White, 1st AD

Justin Kanner, Director of Photography

Michael Sulka, Production Designer

Jeremy Hall, 1st AC

Scott Perryman, Gaffer

Matt Brennan, Grip

Jenn Davis, Props Master

Francesca Faccone, Set Production Assistant

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