Sometimes to do more you have to have the discipline to do less.

That was the case with Trollbäck + Company’s brand refresh for ABC, which went live in August.

Trollbäck began working with ABC on the new look in the pre-pandemic days of January 2020. The New York City-based agency played around with the elements of the brand, including the logo and the palette, taking it far afield before realizing they just needed to modernize the basics.

“Our founder, Jakob Trollbäck, always says ‘discard everything that means nothing,’” said Elliott Chaffer, Trollbäck’s executive creative director in this episode of The Daily Brief Podcast. The team ended up leaning on that philosophy as they explored the legacy of the ABC brand and where corporate owner Disney wanted to take it.

To that end, here’s the last iteration of the ABC logo:

And here’s the new version:

Chaffer is joined by Bo Bishop, executive director, creative strategy, to discuss why the team made the choices they did, how they evolved the logo to make it function better across today’s many platforms, and how and why they tweaked the palette. Chaffer and Bishop also talk about their work with Brooklyn, N.Y.-based music production company YouTooCanWoo to devise a new mnemonic, which you can hear toward the end of the episode.

Listen to the conversation here:

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