Ahead of TwitchCon 2019 being held this weekend at the San Diego Convention Center, Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch gave itself a brand refresh.

Changes include a logo tweak and the addition of a brighter purple as the service’s signature color, although the company assured fans in a blog post that purple would remain its chosen color.

“Our changes to the brand design system are evolutionary. What Twitch is, where we’ve been, the things our community loves…that stuff is all still here, front and center. (Purple is eternal. Purple is forever),” the company wrote.

Twitch also is repositioning itself to let people know it’s more than just a place to watch people livestream their video-game play.

Twitch first launched in 2011, after being born as Justin.TV. Amazon acquired the service for almost $1 billion in 2014.

The new campaign includes the tagline “You’re already one of us,” and includes online teasers featuring comedian Eric Andre. Twitch also mounted billboards in some U.S. cities.

A look at the original Twitch logo (below), reveals the changes. The blocky nature of the original font has been retained but refreshed to a new font named Roobert, inspired by the retro Moog synthesizer, and the new purple is less muddy.

“Our updated wordmark is designed using the DNA of our old logo, with bold, blocky letterforms that are strong, playful, and inspired by a retro gaming aesthetic,” wrote Twitch.

As for the purple, “there is no Twitch without purple. Period,” the company wrote. “Purple is the only color alive enough to represent our collective creativity, mischievousness, and energy. Our new purple is brighter and more vibrant to match that energy.”

Besides the purple, Twitch is introducing two dozen new colors named after iconic games and pop-culture memes, such as Black Ops, Ice, DK amd Pika Pika. Creators are getting a new tool called Creator Color that lets them set a hand-selected color to express themselves across their own channels.

Twitch’s familiar icon, known as Glitch, also got a bit of a face-lift, but nothing so drastic as to make the character unrecognizable.

“It’s still our shorthand way of saying ‘Twitch’ and a personification of who we are as a community, so we merely evolved its look,” wrote Twitch. “Any brand should worry about retaining some recognizability when updating, but, like, this is Glitch. It’s tattooed on people. We couldn’t change it too much.”

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