​Sabi (Bilal Baig) is a gender-fluid millennial trying to sort through their identity as part of a Pakistani family with traditional values, in HBO Max and the CBC’s Sort Of.

As season two begins, Sabi’s friend and employer Bessy (Grace Lynn Kung) is waking up from a coma caused by a bike accident. Sabi is both nanny to her and her husband Paul’s (Gray Powell) two children and they also work in Paul and Bessy’s bar, which is being threatened with closure.

Meanwhile, Sabi’s father, who has long lived in Dubai, is returning home and throwing his family into a state of confusion as they try to adjust their modern lives to his cultural expectations.

Sort Of is produced with the participation of the Canada Media Fund. Baig and Fab Filippo are creators, executive producers and co-showrunners; Jennifer Kawaja is executive producer along with Bruno Dubé.

Sort Of returned to the CBC for season two on November 15; it premieres on HBO Max on December 1 with an eight-episode second season.

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