When it was time to take Swiss pay-TV platform, Teleclub, from red to blue, the company called the team at Munich-based United Senses to put together a complete branding package for its sports brand, now named Blue Sports.

During the pandemic, United Senses couldn’t shoot live sports or even too many athletes in the studio, so the agency mostly relied on 3D motion capture and CGI to create a modern and dynamic look in a palette of deep blues and purples with flashes of light threaded throughout.

Above and below are looks at the different opens, interstitials and graphics packages United Senses crafted for the Swiss sports brand.

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UEFA Champions League Countdown

UEFA Champions League Highlights

Talk Opener

Hockey Opener


Creative Director: Markus Schmidt, UnitedSenses

Motion Designer: Fabio Arnold, UnitedSenses

3D Designer: Matthias Lein, Yannik Wenk, UnitedSenses

Project Management: Sven Müller, UnitedSenses

Head of Broadcast Operations: Benno Zimmermann, Teleclub

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