​Munich-based creative agency UnitedSenses wove the sounds and sights of basketball throughout its sweeping new brand identity for the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

The overall package—which includes an entire “design machine” and tool kit—incorporates everything from design to motion graphics to sound and it’s easily adaptable to all of FIBA’s international competitions for men, women and kids. The new look had to be both sustainable and flexible because it needed to hold up across more than 20 major tournaments over the next two years while still continuing to feel fresh to fans.

The identity’s overall look is bold, bright and colorful, with background textures drawn from basketball itself. Similarly, the motion graphics are as fast-paced as a championship game.

To build the brand identity, UnitedSenses started with one of basketball’s core elements—the court. UnitedSenses divided that into a 15-box grid, with each box able to house a separate graphic element—whether that’s animation, typography or photos. UnitedSenses also conducted a photoshoot so that original photos could be used with existing FIBA library footage to fill out the campaign. Besides being graphically flexible, the 15-box grid is compatible with all video formats, whether 16:9, 1:1 or 9:16 and can be used across social media.

Sound also played a huge role. Starting with the simple sound of a basketball bouncing, UnitedSenses composed a foundational soundtrack for FIBA and then evolved that into three individual styles that could be used with the men’s, women’s and youth tournaments. The men’s sonic style is bold, while the women’s sound is strong and light, accompanied by a female choir. The teen version offers a modern, trap-oriented beat accented with massive sub bass.

UnitedSenses rolled all of these elements into what it’s calling a “design machine,” which gives FIBA all the tools it needs to create its own promos, idents, opens and more. UnitedSenses used that design machine and tool kit to produce the below opening sequence that includes images of fans, celebrations and big emotions all in 20 seconds. Going forward, FIBA will be able to use the design machine and tool kit to produce its own motion graphics across all its program offerings.

“We got great insight into the international basketball community and received much more positive feedback from all over the world than we ever expected,” said Markus Schmidt, CEO and creative director, UnitedSenses, in a statement. This project was hard work but it came from our heart and we enjoyed the collaboration with FIBA.”

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