After Swiss telecom provider Swisscom fully acquired premium pay-TV service Teleclub in 2017, the service needed a new look to reflect its new ownership so it turned to Munich-based UnitedSenses to merge the two identities.

Teleclub offers subscribers different channels—including Teleclub Movie, Teleclub Sport and Teleclub Family—so UnitedSenses’ rebrand needed to cover all of those as well as the channels’ on-air and online looks.

To start, UnitedSenses took pieces from both brands—and red from both the Swiss flag and Hollywood’s red carpet in a nod to Teleclub’s movie channel—to give Teleclub a new look.

It started with Teleclub’s existing logo (below):

And then incorporated Swisscom’s existing logo:

To create a new, combined logo:

Once the logo was established, UnitedSenses added lights like the lights of a movie premiere or night-time sporting event, again drawing from the red carpet:

“Swisscom started using soft light as a branding device just recently,” wrote UnitedSenses’ creative director Markus Schmidt in an email. “We felt light was the perfect link to fiction and sports. We created a ‘film-projector light’ and a ‘stadium light“ to package the two main program streams.”

The rebrand is still rolling out, with more elements to be released in coming weeks.


Creative Director: Markus Schmidt, UnitedSenses

Art Director: Alex Rusitoru, UnitedSenses

Motion Designer: David Weigert, UnitedSenses

3D Designer: Mihai Popa, United Senses

Project Management: Sven Müller, UnitedSenses

Head of Brand and Strategy: Olaf Geuer, Swisscom

Head of Broadcast Operations:Benno Zimmermann, Teleclub

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