USA Network is ramping up to the series finale of its popular drama “Burn Notice” with a slew of social engagement opportunities for fans.

“Burn Notice” hooked fans with its innovative story line about a disgraced spy-turned-private-investigator trying to solve the mystery of his own blacklisting. It also helped usher in a new era of summer TV by offering new, high-quality episodes during a time of year generally dominated by reruns.

As the finale approaches, USA has invited fans to submit their own farewell video messages to the show via Instagram, Tout or Vine using the hashtag #FinalBurn. Select entries will run on-air and on the show’s social channels during a day-long “Burn Notice” marathon leading up to the final episode. Participants in the online #FinalBurn conversation are also eligible for prizes including signed scripts.

For even more dedicated fans, such as those who make art inspired by “Burn Notice,” USA has been showing its appreciation to those loyal enthusiasts by featuring their creative works on the show’s social channels during a series of weekly posts called “Thank You Thursdays.”

And lastly, viewers who tune in live to the “Burn Notice” finale at 9:00 p.m. on September 12 can use their mobile devices to access what a statement from USA calls “an extraordinary second screen sync experience.”

Brief Take: With a slew of clever second-screen engagement experiences leading up to the “Burn Notice” finale, USA Network once again demonstrates why it is a leader in the social space.


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