What better way to promote a show about classic Japanese cars than to bring viewers back in time with spots reminiscent of original car ads from the ‘70s and ‘80s?

So thought The Garden Creative and Velocity cable network—to be rebranded Motor Trend Network in the fall— for the launch of JDM Legends.

“With a wink, a smile and poorly groomed mustache,” the creative studio crafted launch promos featuring such vintage details as a faded, dirty film transfer look, and a muddy, mono audio mix, to relive the over-the-top commercial style that marked the heyday of Japanese sports cars.

JDM Legends explores the avid culture of Japanese domestic car enthusiasts as Eric Bizek and his team at their Salt Lake City workshop perform immaculate, faithful restorations.

The series debuted April 17 on Velocity and the Motor Trend app.


Network: Velocity/Motor Trend

Network President: Bob Scanlon

Director of Communications and Marketing: Andrew Scafetta

Senior Producer: Thomas von Heijne

Creative Director: Greg Stein

Art Director: Nancy Bell

Production Manager: Kelly Gray

Audio Mix: Joe Powers

Agency: The Garden Creative

Writer/Director: JR Soldano

Creative Director: Mike Ring

Director of Photography: Wesley Johnson

Editors: Mike Ring, Eric Gibson, Scott Rinebold

Graphics/VFX: Scott Rinebold

Producer: April Jones, Michael Kelehan

Tags: jdm legends motor trend network the garden creative velocity

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