Season two of American Gods is coming to Starz next year, and the trailer above reveals the show will go heavier on the mythology in season two as Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), also known as Odin, tries to start a war between the old gods and the new.

Starz also hosted a panel featuring Patton Oswalt talking with the cast and Neil Gaiman, author and executive producer, at the Hammerstein Ballroom at New York Comic Con on Friday.

Besides Oswalt and Gaiman, the panel also featured Ricky Whittle (“Shadow Moon”), Pablo Schreiber (“Mad Sweeney”), Emily Browning (“Laura Moon”), Orlando Jones (“Mr. Nancy”), Yetide Badaki (“Bilquis”), Crispin Glover (“Mr. World”), Bruce Langley (“Technical Boy”), Omid Abtahi (“Salim”), Mousa Kraish (“The Jinn”) and Demore Barnes (“Mr. Ibis”).

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