​Warner Chappell Production Music (WCPM), a division of Warner Chappell Music, has unveiled a global rebrand, including its logo and website. In addition, the company has opened two recording studios, expanded its executive team and added new music catalogs.

The rebrand was led by WCPM Co-Heads Alec Sharpe, head of business development and operations, and Pat Weaver, head of production.

The company’s new logo draws inspiration from its parent company, paying homage to Warner Chappell Music’s gold crown. It also adds a script-based font to represent WCPM’s “ingenuity and diversity of thought,” according to the company.

Besides featuring the new logo, the new website serves as WCPM’s flagship licensing tool, offering more than 135,000 tracks and a recommendation engine to help clients quickly find the sound they are seeking.

“We’re thrilled for the bright future ahead for WCPM and the opportunity to better serve our clients through unmatched service and a much-improved music search experience,” said Sharpe in a statement. “With a new look and feel and the support of Warner Chappell’s SVP of Creative Services, Ashley Winton, along with Co-Chairs Guy Moot and Carianne Marshall, this is the start of a dynamic new era in our evolution.”

WCPM has expanded its global leadership bench, appointing Julia Sassi as its new head of WCPM France, focusing on expanding WCPM France’s custom music footprint and uncovering new business opportunities in the region.

Sinéad Hartmann has been named vice president of licensing and music creative, based in Los Angeles, where she oversees the U.S. sync and creative teams in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York as well as in Canada and Latin America.

Gavin Carroll has joined as the company’s new senior creative director of licensing, working primarily with advertising clients in New York.

Earlier this year, WCPM opened two new music studios—SkyLight Studios in Hollywood and Sandtrack Sound in Nashville. Both locations are already in use producing custom music projects for brands, TV shows and companies.

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